Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Potentially Take Next Step in Relationship on New Year’s Eve

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship might be heating up
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship might be heating up / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Love is in the air!

While not confirmed, there is speculation that Travis Kelce was caught saying the "love" word to Taylor Swift during the couple's New Year's Eve celebrations in Kansas City.

With Kelce's life off the field blossoming in incredible ways this year, it sure looks like he ended 2023 on a high note.

WATCH: Travis Kelce Seemingly Tells Taylor Swift He Loves Her

It's hard to tell for sure what he says, though the two certainly look enthused about the other's company.

TMZ admits in the attached article, "we've checked with a few professional lip readers -- some who've testified in high-profile court cases -- and they tell TMZ ... the video is far too blurry to confirm the public declaration of love."

Kelce may not have actually said "I love you," but we can all see the passion Kansas City's favorite power couple has for each other.

The Chiefs clinched the AFC West for the eighth consecutive year in Week 17 and now will likely rest Kelce and the other starters against the Chargers this Sunday.

Once the playoffs roll back around, Kelce and the Chiefs' most popular fan will be back in action for, hopefully, another Super Bowl win.

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