Shocking City Rumored as Possible Chiefs Relocation Site

New rumors suggest the Chiefs could move to Texas
New rumors suggest the Chiefs could move to Texas / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tensions are high in Jackson County following the failed April 2nd vote that would've extended a 3/8th-cent sales tax to help finance renovations at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and a new Royals stadium in downtown Kansas City.

Both teams are considering potential moves, with Kansas or a different county near Kansas City being the most likely options. However, Jackson County legislator Manny Abarca recently suggested that cities in Texas could try to poach the Chiefs, specifically San Antonio.

There have been no reports suggesting San Antonio as a possibility aside from Abarca's comments, so I don't believe there's any merit to them. Nonetheless, it's concerning to think about a potential future without the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Jackson County Legislator Concerned About Texas Poaching Chiefs

Abarca, one of the most vocal advocates in favor of that failed tax vote, has already filed two pieces of legislation for a new vote solely focused on the Chiefs. However, Jackson County Executive Frank White pointed to a provision in state law that prohibits a new vote within 12 months of the previous failed one, arguing that Abarca's legislation cannot be allowed.

Regarding the possibility of the Chiefs moving to Texas, Abarca said "there's murmurings about it, but the fact that there's even murmurings means that something's going on."

Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros was quick to dismiss the possibility, saying he's unaware of any efforts by city leaders to bring the Chiefs to town. Cisneros noted the long history between the Chiefs and Kansas City, declaring, "that should be a marriage that lasts in perpetuity."

It sounds like the Chiefs agree as well. Whether or not other cities make attempts to land the two-time defending Super Bowl champions, it appears that Clark Hunt and team officials will do everything in their power to keep the franchise where it belongs.

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