Sean McDermott Dumpster Fire Gives Chiefs Massive Edge vs. Bills

Sean McDermott is under fire for insensitive comments about 9/11
Sean McDermott is under fire for insensitive comments about 9/11 / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just like when the Bears endured coaching drama the week the Chiefs obliterated them, the Buffalo Bills are now dealing with their own circus.

Only a few days before Kansas City squares off with Buffalo, Sean McDermott is under fire for insensitive and bizarre comments about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, among other things.

McDermott's questionable decisions aside, the turmoil is fantastic news for Chiefs fans and gives Kansas City a massive advantage on Sunday.

Bills HC Sean McDermott Under Fire for 9/11 Comments

This comes from NFL writer Tyler Dunne's substack and is just one of many disparaging stories told about the Bills' leading man.

The piece itself paints a picture of a narcissistic man who refuses to accept responsibility for mistakes. Decide for yourself how much stock to put into the reporting, but McDermott has already apologized and confirmed that at least the 9/11 story is factual.

Whether the piece is fair or not, there's no denying the potential impact it could have on Sunday's game. Buffalo was already reeling following another collapse in a loss to the Eagles.

Coming off a bye, this was supposed to be the Bills' opportunity to get back into the playoffs against a heavyweight contender.

Instead, this week is now about McDermott's, to say it lightly, bizarre leadership style. Given the turmoil surrounding the team and how directionless the franchise feels overall, I'm extremely confident that the Chiefs will escape Sunday with a victory.

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