Report: KU Football Making Massive Move for Lance Leipold's Future as Head Coach

Lance Leipold is reportedly negotiating a long-term extension with Kansas
Lance Leipold is reportedly negotiating a long-term extension with Kansas / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks rattled off a successful 9-4 season that was the best for the football program in 15 years.

Head Coach Lance Leipold manufactured the turnaround and according to recent reports, plans to be in Lawrence for a long time. There's been no official news yet, but Leipod and Kansas are reportedly working on a massive extension that would make him one of the country's highest-paid coaches.

See the latest information below.

Kansas News: Jayhawks Working on Extension With HC Lance Leipold

Leipold has completely transformed the university, inspiring hope and serving as the perfect leader for this football team.

According to Mike Vernon's report above, "there’s optimism on both sides around the likelihood of agreeing to a restructured contract." Vernon notes that a raise would likely make Leipold among the top 15 or so highest-paid coaches in the country.

More importantly, the negotiations would mean significant raises for Leiopold's staff, allowing the coach to keep top assistants around for the long-term as the program reaches new heights.

There's been no official comment from the university or Leipold, though this is exciting news for any and all Kansas Jayhawks fans.

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