Raiders Decided on 1st-Round Pick in Embarrassing Way

CB Terrion Arnold revealed the Raiders flipped a coin to decide between him and TE Brock Bowers
CB Terrion Arnold revealed the Raiders flipped a coin to decide between him and TE Brock Bowers / Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders have long been an embarrassment but the organization is taking its laughable futility to new levels.

In an interview with The Next Round, eventual Lions draftee CB Terrion Arnold revealed the Raiders told him they flipped a coin to decide between himself and Georgia TE Brock Bowers. Las Vegas selected Bowers at No. 13, though I can't stop laughing at the idea of flipping a coin to determine who you're spending a first-round NFL Draft pick on.

I flip coins sometimes to see what I'm having for lunch, not who I'm giving millions of dollars to as I rebuild my franchise from the ground up. Raiders, what on Earth are you doing?

Raiders Reportedly Flipped a Coin to Determine First-Round Draft Pick

We've seen some stupid decisions made by NFL front offices over the years. This might top the list.

Either Bowers or Arnold would have been worthy picks. Las Vegas needs help everywhere and each prospect had an argument for the best at their respective positions in the drafts. Maybe the Raiders genuinely thought they were equals, but even if that's the case, why would you tell Arnold?

They had to know this story would get out and they had to realize how goofy it'd make them look. Perhaps not, though this is just the latest example of the incompetence flowing through the organization.

I would've loved to see Bowers on the Chiefs personally and think he'll develop into a legitimate weapon. Arnold looks like an excellent cornerback prospect in his own right, and Detroit got a steal with him falling to No. 24.

No matter what happens with their respective careers, this was disastrous process from the Raiders' brass. I'd be offended that someone was making so much money to ultimately flip a coin if it weren't so darned funny.

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