Raiders Coach Gives Delusional Quote About Antonio Pierce

Antonio Pierce and the Raiders finished 8-9 last season
Antonio Pierce and the Raiders finished 8-9 last season / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

New Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce was impressive during his interim period last year, certainly earning the job, though the hype has officially gone too far.

Rob Ryan, a senior defensive assistant for Las Vegas, gave a delusional quote about Pierce's standing against the other coaches in the NFL. In fact, Ryan went so far as to call Pierce the best coach in the entire league.

With respect to Pierce, not even his own family believes that's true.

Rob Ryan Calls Antonio Pierce The "Best Coach" in NFL

Pierce did well to help lead the Raiders to a second-place finish in the AFC West with an 8-9 record, but can we let the man at least get a winning season before we start calling him the best coach?

Andy Reid is working on his third consecutive Super Bowl and fourth overall, not to mention the number of quality, more accomplished coaches around the league. I think Pierce has a bright future and he's well-liked by his players, but this kind of delusional quote puts unfair pressure and expectations on his shoulders.

Las Vegas has had one winning season since 2016. They've lost 16 of their last 19 games against Kansas City, who has eight consecutive AFC West championships, by the way. The Raiders aren't even certain who their quarterback is going to be and now they've somehow got the best coach?

Give me a break. I'm all for supporting your leader, though let's relax. Pierce would do well just to finish in second in the division again, perhaps let's focus on that for now.

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