Patrick Mahomes Has Wild Andy Reid Play-Calling Admission

Patrick Mahomes admitted Andy Reid wants him to throw the behind-the-back pass in a game
Patrick Mahomes admitted Andy Reid wants him to throw the behind-the-back pass in a game / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs fans have begged for Patrick Mahomes' famed behind-the-back pass in a real game and it sounds like they're not the only ones asking the three-time Super Bowl MVP to show off a bit.

Appearing on First Things First, Mahomes admitted that head coach Andy Reid has been trying to get the superstar QB to try the trick pass during games. Reid is so insistent, in fact, that he specifically calls plays to give Mahomes the opportunity.

See what he had to say below.

Patrick Mahomes Says Andy Reid Calls Plays for Behind-The-Back Pass

Asked by Kevin Wildes whether the pass was coming, Mahomes admitted the offense didn't play well enough to try trick plays, but said they still want to try it out at some point.

"It's no one else's fault but myself," said Mahomes. "Coach Reid wants me to throw a behind-the-back more than anyone in the world. He deliberately puts in plays that I have the opportunity to throw the ball behind the back."

I've long assumed that such a trick play would be risky and not worth the squeeze. However, I no longer have that concern if Reid is trying to make it happen. Mahomes is such a godsend at the position that he has the right to mess around every now and again, so Reid's risk tolerance is understandable.

If he does ever attempt the behind-the-back pass, Mahomes said he hopes it goes to Travis Kelce. The duo have incredible chemistry and there's no person better suited to go off-script than the future Hall of Fame tight end.

There's been so much talk about the behind-the-back pass, I'm just hoping we get to see it this season.

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