Patrick Mahomes Receives Major Worldwide Honor

Patrick Mahomes was on the cover of TIME Magazine's 2024 edition of "The World's Most Influential People"
Patrick Mahomes was on the cover of TIME Magazine's 2024 edition of "The World's Most Influential People" / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes is no stranger to significant accolades, having won three Super Bowl MVPs while guiding the Kansas City Chiefs to a dynasty and establishing himself as the generation's best QB.

Not only is Mahomes one of the most important athletes in Kansas City history, but he's now been honored with the cover of TIME Magazine's "The World's Most Influential People" edition. He was part of the list in 2023, though this is the first time he's been on the cover of the prestigious publication.

Check out the glorious cover below.

Chiefs News: Patrick Mahomes Earns Cover of TIME Magazine

This is one of the more significant honors celebrities can receive, recognizing the outsized influence of someone's life work. For an athlete to earn the cover requires a special kind of talent and person, showing a remarkable impact both on and off the field.

As the accompanying article puts it, "The affable Mahomes, the leader of the league’s most important team and de facto face of the NFL who serves as a ubiquitous pitchman for a number of blue-chip brands, is an ideal ambassador for football."

He's a devoted father and active businessman in Kansas City with various local and national investments, not afraid to stand up for an important social cause as well. Chiefs Kingdom is eternally grateful for Mahomes' presence and it's a beautiful thing to see him recognized at this stage.

His family is most important to him, though. Mahomes tells TIME, "“My family and football are the first things I want to be great at. If I can go out there and say that I gave everything I had on the football field, expectations are what they are and whatever is going to happen is going to happen. And I can be satisfied with that.”

Mahomes is off to a phenomenal start and I can't wait to see what he does next.

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