Patrick Mahomes Learning New Pass Using Unlikely Inspiration

Patrick Mahomes was seen working on a new knuckleball pass
Patrick Mahomes was seen working on a new knuckleball pass / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes is a wizard with a football, throwing passes from all angles with teases of trick players like a behind-the-back toss as well. Now, he's learning a strange new trick with some help from Matt Waldron, a pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Waldron is a Chiefs fan and was surprised to hear Mahomes wanted throw a knuckleball like he does.

In baseball, a knuckleball has low spin rate, so it's path becomes unpredictable. I think Mahomes was just goofing around but it's still fun to imagine him breaking this out in a game regardless.

Patrick Mahomes Working on Knuckleball From Matt Waldron

Mahomes grew up playing baseball and his father played in MLB. He's got plenty of experience pitching, perhaps one of the reasons he's got so many tricks up his sleeve to fool defenses.

"It's kind of crazy...I'm living in a different universe," said Waldron about the imitation. He's got a 3.76 ERA in 69.1 innings this season, deploying his knuckleball with impressive success.

The Chiefs are wrapping up mandatory minicamp and will soon break until training camp in late July. Kansas City hopes to become the first team in NFL history to win three straight Super Bowls and Mahomes is the driving force.

I'd assume it's far more likely that we see a behind-the-back pass this year and not the knuckleball, though I'll take whatever trick throws we can get. It's a joy watching Mahomes perfect his craft, and it looks like the fun is just getting started.

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