Latest WR Contract Sets Price For Possible Hollywood Brown Extension

Hollywood Brown caught 4 TDs in 2023
Hollywood Brown caught 4 TDs in 2023 / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs signed Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown on a one-year deal with expectations that he'd become one of the team's leading receivers

Brown's contract is worth up to $11 million pending incentives as the former first-round pick hopes to establish his value and get a long-term contract next offseason. He's now got a price point to aim for, as the Houston Texans agreed to a three-year, $72 million deal with breakout WR Nico Collins on Tuesday.

Collins is coming off a 1,297-yard season, which is more than Brown's ever had, but one special season with the Chiefs and Hollywood should get a massive contract from someone.

Nico Collins' Extension Gives Hollywood Brown a Contract Goal

Collins hadn't eclipsed even 500 receiving yards in the two years prior to last season, so Brown only needs one great year to reset his market.

His two seasons in Arizona didn't go as planned, though you could easily blame the dysfunction around the organization itself. Back in 2021, Brown caught 91 of 146 targets for 1,008 yards and six TDs. He had 15 combined TDs in his first two years, showcasing an obvious knack for the end zone.

Patrick Mahomes is obviously the best QB Brown has ever played with. He'll have Travis Kelce, Xavier Worthy, Isiah Pacheco, and Rashee Rice (pending his possible suspension) taking attention away from defenses too. I think Brown could have a career-best year in Kansas City, at which point plenty of teams will come calling next offseason.

If Brown has the year he's capable of, he'll likely price himself off of the Chiefs. $24 million per year is a lot, and Kansas City theoretically needs to save some money for an eventual Rice extension too if they choose to keep him.

For now, Brown has an obvious goal and it's in the Chiefs' best interest to help him accomplish it. For Kansas City to have the best offense possible, Brown needs to have an excellent season. Here's hoping this will be a mutually-beneficial year that ends up with Brown getting a similar deal to Collins elsewhere.

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