Frustrating Stat Proves Chiefs Miss Eric Bieniemy

We might miss Bieniemy more than we realize
The Chiefs are dead last in second-half scoring after ranking third last season
The Chiefs are dead last in second-half scoring after ranking third last season / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the Chiefs' offense is struggling, but figuring out exactly why is a tall task.

Sure, the receivers aren't catching passes but we've seen poor throws from Patrick Mahomes, questionable play calls from Andy Reid and ill-timed mistakes from Travis Kelce. What's going on?

Well, one stat suggests Eric Bieniemy's presence as offensive coordinator was potentially more impactful than we realized. Let's take a look.

Frustrating Stat Proves Chiefs Miss Eric Bieniemy

The Chiefs rank dead last in the NFL in second-half scoring at 5.3 points per game. That's a significant drop-off from the 13.3 points they averaged in the second half last season, a mark that ranked third in the entire NFL.

A closer look reveals Bienemy may have been more responsible for the Chiefs' second-half adjustments than we initially realized.

As offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders, Bienemy has the team at ninth in second-half scoring at 11.8 points per game. They ranked 17th last season, so that's a marked improvement.

There's no way to know if Matt Nagy is falling short, but it's worth pointing out that his Chicago Bears teams always struggled in second-half scoring.

In 2019, Chicago ranked 20th (10.2). In 2020, the Bears were 25th (10.8). In Nagy's final season, his team was 28th (8.6).

Is it possible Bienemy's second-half adjustments were critical to the Chiefs' offensive success? We can't know for sure, but the evidence is mounting that Nagy isn't holding up his end of the bargain.

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