Former Broncos Star Wants to Unretire to Join Chiefs

Former Broncos CB Chris Harris revealed he'd join the Chiefs if asked
Former Broncos CB Chris Harris revealed he'd join the Chiefs if asked / Annie Rice/Avalanche-Journal / USA TODAY

Former Broncos and Kansas Jayhawks star CB Chris Harris recently revealed he'd be willing to come out of retirement to join the Kansas City Chiefs. Harris, who last played in the NFL in 2022, is a three-time All-Pro, widely recognized as one of the NFL's best defensive players during his time in the league.

Harris spent the first nine years of his career in Denver and played for the Los Angeles Chargers for two seasons as well, giving him plenty of chances to face Kansas City. A star for the Kansas Jayhawks alongside Aqib Talib, Harris is plenty familiar with the local fanbase.

While it seems unlikely the Chiefs would sign Harris, it's still humorous that a former rival of a decade recognizes how special this team in Kansas City is.

Former Broncos CB Chris Harris Says He'd Unretire for Chiefs

When asked what teams could pry him out of retirement, Harris said, "Chiefs, of course...Already have all of the pieces, just going in there and being the last piece on the backend... I definitely think I could help there."

Harris noted there are teams who could use a veteran presence, naming the Texans and Eagles as possibilities as well. "I know I could still cover these tight ends. If I got that call, I might have to pull out of retirement," he continued.

When pressed by Adams about offering to play for his long-time rival, Harris joked that the Broncos need "about four years, when Bo Nix is ready." Few expect Denver to compete for a playoff spot but that's got to sting fans nonetheless.

During his NFL career, Harris had 621 tackles, 97 deflected passes, 22 interceptions, and four TDs. His career is likely long over at this point, though it sounds like Steve Spagnuolo and Brett Veach have options if they find themselves unhappy with the Chiefs' secondary.

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