Dustin Colquitt Reveals Andy Reid's Hilarious End-of-Season Advice

Dustin Colquitt spent 15 years as a Kansas City Chief
Dustin Colquitt spent 15 years as a Kansas City Chief / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Colquitt spent 15 seasons as the punter of the Chiefs with roughly half of those coming under head coach Andy Reid. The two-time Pro Bowler recently revealed Reid's hilarious end-of-season advice during their annual exit interviews.

In a piece for The Athletic detailing the NFL's obsession with strong glutes, Colquitt remembered Reid telling him not to "lose your butt."

Having a strong lower body is important for football players, especially for punters, and Reid apparently didn't want the Pro Bowl punter to lose his effectiveness.

Dustin Colquitt Reveals Andy Reid Told Him Not to "Lose His Butt"

Colquitt recalled Reid not having much to say to him. He said Reid would say, "You went to the Pro Bowl...but don't lose your butt. Punters have to have big butts. As soon as you look like you're going down from a physique standpoint, you're out of here."

That's a hilarious way for Reid to instruct his punter to work out his legs in the offseason, though it's apparently par for the course in NFL circles.

To his credit, Colquitt apparently didn't lose it. He spent 19 years in the NFL, averaging 44.8 yards per punt and winning one Super Bowl with the Chiefs.

With the NFL Draft coming up next month and Kansas City in need of contributors at wide receiver and offensive and defensive line, I'd guess they'll be targeting players with strong glutes. Nonetheless, it's humorous to consider the team's brass in meeting rooms discussing this particular attribute.

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