Donna Kelce Doesn’t Seem Like a Big Taylor Swift Fan

Maybe there's bad blood here after all
Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift cheer on Travis and the Chiefs
Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift cheer on Travis and the Chiefs /

Is there bad blood between Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift?

While appearing on TODAY Show, the mother of the two-time Super Bowl champion reflected on her time in the suite watching the Chiefs vs. Jets game with Taylor and her entourage.

Normally soft-spoken and polite, Donna wasn't exactly effusive with praise for her son's superstar love interest.

Donna Kelce's Reaction to Meeting Taylor Swift

"It was okay" she mustered with a shrug. It was okay? That's it?

Travis and Taylor have been the hottest item in pop culture the last couple of weeks, with Travis' jersey sales skyrocketing and the NFL using the excitement to boost ratings.

Donna herself was even bumping shoulders with a variety of A-list celebreties in Taylor's suite, like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively. Her newfound fame is bringing Donna new experiences and encounters, but it doesn't seem as if she likes all of those consequences.

It feels likely that Donna will walk back those comments at some point, and I doubt she intended to seem so dismissive of the initial question. If Travis and Taylor's romance continues to heat up, Donna will have to find a way to embrace the chaos one way or another.

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