Classless Bills Fans Cope by Attempting to Get Under Chris Jones' Skin

Chris Jones had choice words for Bills fans after the Chiefs' Divisional Round win
Chris Jones had choice words for Bills fans after the Chiefs' Divisional Round win / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs' 27-24 victory over the Bills in the Divisional Round had a little bit of everything and in the end, it even included classes Buffalo fans throwing snowballs at Kansas City players.

In an effort to rile up Chris Jones, Patrick Mahomes, Drue Tranquill and others, fans started pelting Chiefs with snowballs once it became clear the Bills were going home.

As has been proven time and time again, Chris Jones and the Chiefs were ready for the smoke.

WATCH: Chris Jones and Bills Fans Exchange Words

Losing is never fun or easy, but Bills fans hit a new low with their behavior following Sunday night's game.

There's no excuse for throwing things at opposing players, even if snowballs seem harmless. It's pathetic behavior, and echoes what we saw Buffalo fans do in consecutive weeks by throwing snowballs at opposing players during plays.

Chris Jones was ready to go at it, as were the other Chiefs. Kansas City emerged victorious and sent the Bills home, and it was sweet poetic justice for Buffalo fans to be heartbroken in such dramatic fashion.

The Chiefs are onto Baltimore and have an opportunity to win a second consecutive Super Bowl. We'll see what happens, but I'm happy to see those classless fans get what they deserve.

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