Chiefs' Playoffs Betting Odds Disrespect Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid

Sportsbooks indicate the Chiefs have nearly a 25% chance to miss the playoffs
Sportsbooks indicate the Chiefs have nearly a 25% chance to miss the playoffs / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are, unsurprisingly, massive favorites to win the AFC West and remain the most accomplished team in the NFL as they try to win a historic third consecutive Super Bowl.

It's generally understood that as long as Patrick Mahomes is healthy, the Chiefs will be contenders in the AFC. They've made the playoffs for nine consecutive years, predating the three-time Super Bowl MVP, yet somehow are still disrespected by oddsmakers.

Sportsbooks have released betting odds for teams to make the playoffs. While Kansas City is heavily favored to make the postseason, the odds indicate there's a decent chance they don't.

Chiefs "Make the Playoffs" Betting Odds Disrespect Kansas City

BetMGM has the Chiefs listed at -450 to make the playoffs and +350 to miss the postseason entirely. That means you'd need to bet $45 on them to win $10 if Kansas City advances to the playoffs, though you'd profit $35 on a $10 bet if they don't.

While that may sound reasonable, it's not. Implied probability based on those odds indicate the sportsbook believe the Chiefs have a 22.22% chance to miss the playoffs. Unless oddsmakers know something we don't about Mahomes' health, that's bananas.

Kansas City has won the AFC West for eight consecutive years. Los Angeles should take a step forward under Jim Harbaugh, but Denver and Las Vegas are rebuilding. How exactly are the Chiefs supposed to miss the playoffs barring injury?

I refuse to believe there's nearly a 25% chance the Chiefs miss the postseason. Even if Mahomes gets hurt, Andy Reid has proven he can scheme an offense and the defense should once again rank among the NFL's best.

What am I missing here? The sportsbooks are wildly disrespecting the best team of this generation. Sooner or later, they'll figure it out. For now? I'll just profit from their lunacy.

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