Chiefs' 6 Biggest Priorities After 2024 Minicamp

What are the biggest priorities for the Super Bowl champs after minicamp?
Kansas City Chiefs
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4. Unleash Dave Toub on new kickoff return rules

The Kansas City Chiefs have one underrated weapon that no one really talks about all that much. Special teams coordinator Dave Toub is arguably the best in the NFL at his job, and his unit's level of excellence has proven his status among the elite assistant coaches year after year.

This year in the NFL, every special teams coach in the league has the added challenge of the new kickoff return rules. The NFL is adopting a new rule that is going to revive the kickoff return in a big way, and one of the top priorities for the Chiefs all throughout the 2024 offseason has got to be unleashing Toub's coaching and allowing him to do whatever is needed to make the Chiefs the tone-setters in the kickoff return game.

There will not only be advantages in the way teams utilize return men, but also in the way they utilize kickoff specialists. The Chiefs have one of the most unique situations in the league with safety Justin Reid being able to kickoff as well as be a last line of defense.

Let Dave Toub cook.

In terms of return specialists, there are no shortage of those in Kansas City. They've even brought in rugby superstar Louis Rees-Zammit to come in and give that a shot this offseason. One way or the other -- the Chiefs have the best special teams coach in the NFL, so they need to let him work his magic to maximize their competitive advantage with this new rule change.