Chiefs 53-Man Roster Prediction Ahead of 2024 Training Camp

How will the Kansas City Chiefs initial 53-man roster look?
Kansas City Chiefs
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Cornerback (6): Jaylen Watson, Joshua Williams, Trent McDuffie, Nic Jones, Nazeeh Johnson, Kamal Hadden

Losing J’Arius Snead was a blow but the Chiefs still have a lot to offer in the secondary. Jaylon Watson and Joshua Williams will need to step up to replace him but the leader of the unit is Trent McDuffie. He’s a beast in the slot and makes one huge play after another.

The final three is a guess right now but Kamal Hadden feels like a steal. Kelvin Joseph has been doing well after failed stints in Dallas and Miami but has a long way to go. Perhaps his experience on special teams will help him make it but for now, he’s on the outside looking in.

Safety (5): Bryan Cook, Justin Reid, Chamarri Conner, Jaden Hicks, Trey Dean

Justin Reid hasn’t lived up to his price tag just yet but he hasn’t been as bad as some have made him out to be. Even with some of his inconsistencies, Kansas City still has more depth at safety than they’ve seen in years. Bryan Cook turned into a stud. They can also lean on Chamarri Conner if needed. As if that wasn’t enough, Jaden Hicks has the talent to be a long-term starter as well.

Specialists (3): Harrison Butker, Matt Araiza, James Winchester 

Harrison Butker didn’t endear himself to fans this offseason but he returns as the kicker still. He was 33-of-35 last season and continues to be one of the more clutch kickers in the league.

At punter, Matt Araiza finally gets a shot to prove himself as he replaces Tommy Townsend. With a nickname like “Punt God,” there will be a lot of expectations on Araiza. We’ll see if his time away hurts him and if it doesn’t, the Chiefs could have landed a major weapon.

James Winchester will be snapping him the ball and he’s been crushing that job since 2015 so no reason to make a move there.

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