Chiefs' 2024 Draft Picks Changed by New NFL Formula Tweak

The Chiefs dropped a couple of spots in an updated NFL draft order
The Chiefs dropped a couple of spots in an updated NFL draft order / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There has been an adjustment in the Chiefs' 2024 NFL Draft picks after a slight change to the NFL's compensatory picks formula.

Kansas City still has the same number of draft picks as before, but their fourth and one of two fifth-round picks will be one spot later. It's not a huge impact, though the Chiefs do suffer a bit as a result.

Here's the latest update and what the Chiefs' final draft selections will be:

Chiefs Draft Picks Updated After NFL Compensatory Formula Change

The key differences here are that the Chiefs' fourth-round pick went from No. 131 to No. 132 and the first fifth-round pick (originally acquired from the Cowboys) drops from No. 158 to No. 159.

Other than that, there are no changes. Losing two spots in the middle rounds doesn't impact much, and Brett Veach could still jump other teams rather easily with a trade. The Chiefs have several obvious draft needs, and Veach has shown an incredible ability to nail late draft picks and turn them into productive starters.

L'Jarius Sneed, Joshua Williams, Jaylen Watson, and Isiah Pacheeco, just to name a few, are some of the impact players Veach found later in the draft. Kansas City may get draft compensation back from Sneed if he's traded too, giving Veach even more chances to conjure up some magic.

Overall, it's not a big deal that the Chiefs lost a couple of spots. That being said, it's nice to know exactly where Kansas City will pick as we ramp up draft coverage over the next month.

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