Broncos New Uniform Reveal Goes Hilariously Wrong

The Kansas City Chiefs' rivals put out a hilariously bad release video for their new uniforms.
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Winning Super Bowls is incredible, but almost as good as building a dynasty is seeing your rival's downfall. That is how Chiefs fans in Kansas City are feeling right now.

The Chiefs had won 16 consecutive games against their AFC West rivals until that streak was broken last season. Kansas City has made it to four Super Bowls since the last time Denver made the playoffs. The rivalry has been as one-sided as ever over the last decade.

To change their fortunes, the Broncos decided to go through a massive transformation this offseason. Not only will they have a new quarterback at the helm, but they will also have new uniforms for the first time since 1997.

The team announced the release of their new branding on social media on Monday. However, it failed to receive the feedback the organization was hoping for.

NFL News: Denver Broncos Reveal New Jerseys

The fans in Denver were hoping for a rebrand and they got what they wanted. But sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. The Broncos decided to lean into the 5280 branding (referring to the altitude in Denver), while retaining their orange and blue color scheme.

However, not only did the jerseys get a lukewarm reaction on social media, but the release video also generated hilarious responses.

The two-minute video does resemble a Ford Bronco commercial more than a Denver Broncos promo. Additionally, the blue jersey, white pants combination, as well as the triangle design received criticism from social media users.

However, if the Broncos go back to their winning ways and end their seven-year streak of losing seasons, their fans will not care about how the team looks on the field.

Unfortunately for them, they will likely have to wait longer for that streak to end. DraftKings Sportsbook has set their win total over/under at 5.5 for next season, which is the lowest in the AFC West.

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