Andy Reid Responds to Travis Kelce's Playing Time Comments

Andy Reid seems content to keep Travis Kelce on the field
Andy Reid seems content to keep Travis Kelce on the field / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Kelce made minor waves earlier this week when he declared he was ready to exhaust himself, saying, "Wear and tear, baby. I'm ready for it man. Put the load on me."

Andy Reid spoke to reporters on Thursday during minicamp and responded to Kelce's request. The future Hall of Fame tight end will turn 35 years old in October, but it doesn't sound like Kansas City has any intention to curb Kelce's playing time.

With a smirk, Reid said the Chiefs can help Kelce get tired, if that's what he wants.

Andy Reid Comments on Travis Kelce Playing Time

"I don't know if we're going to back off on his time," said Reid. "If he wants to be worn out, we can help him with that."

Kelce has had a busy offseason with a variety of off-field business ventures, but he's still one of the team's leaders and likely the most important pass-catcher on the offense once again.

He saw his consecutive 1,000-yard season streak snapped though he came alive in the playoffs, catching 32 passes for 355 yards and three TDs. I expected Kelce to lose snaps in 2024-25 to ensure he's fresh for the postseason, though Reid apparently doesn't intend to take his star off the field.

Despite his age, Kelce helps set the tone for the whole team. If he's still energetic, giddy, and focused after three Super Bowl wins, everyone else should be energetic, giddy, and focused too. He's an ideal leader for the franchsie and Chiefs Kingdom is lucky to have him.

Here's hoping he doesn't expend all of his energy too quickly nonetheless.

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