AFC Playoff Picture: Chiefs' Clinching Scenarios in NFL Week 17

The Chiefs can still clinch the AFC West with a win in Week 17
The Chiefs can still clinch the AFC West with a win in Week 17 / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs took a brutal loss to the Raiders on Christmas Day but luckily, Santa still left some presents under the tree.

Kansas City might not have a path to the No. 1 seed any longer, yet the AFC West is still ripe for the picking and the Chiefs can clinch the division title as soon as this week.

Let's take a look at the playoff scenarios and where the Chiefs stand.

AFC Playoff Picture: Where the Chiefs Stand

The division is almost a guarantee. Kansas City just has to win one game to end the race, though the path for a high seed in the playoffs is admittedly murky.

In all likelihood, the Chiefs will be the No. 3 seed. Theoretically, they could earn the No. 2 seed if the Patriots beat the Bills and the Dolphins lose their last two games, though that feels a bit far-fetched.

It does indeed appear that Patrick Mahomes will finally have to play a road playoff game. Current scenarios project a matchup with the Bills, though there's a lot of potential results depending on the next few weeks.

This is a rough stretch for the Chiefs. A win against the Bengals would get the organization back on track, but improvements need to be made.

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