6 Chiefs on the Trade Block Heading Into Training Camp

Which Chiefs players could be on the trade block heading into training camp?
Kansas City Chiefs
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3. Ian Book/Chris Oladokun, QB

When it comes to the NFL, quarterbacks are the most valuable currency you can possibly have. The Kansas City Chiefs obviously have the best quarterback in the NFL, and he's got a new backup for the 2024 season.

The Chiefs signed former Eagles 2nd overall pick Carson Wentz this offseason to back up Mahomes and from the sounds of things, he's been looking really good out there on the practice field. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce shared some insight earlier this offseason on his podcast:

"Carson... he's absolutely killing it, man. He's dicing them up every time he goes out there. He's throwing bombs and throwing lasers, man. He's got all the attributes, and you can see it when he's out there on the practice field for sure."

Travis Kelce

If the Chiefs have faith in Wentz backing up Mahomes -- and they should -- then things could be interesting if there's a breakout offseason from someone like Chris Oladokun or Ian Book. This might be a longshot among longshots, but let's just say one of those two guys ends up having a huge preseason, and some team out there suffers an injury at the quarterback position.

Which happens every year for a number of teams.

It's not impossible to think that either Oladokun or Book could end up having some trade value at the end of the preseason. If only because they spent time in Kansas City, you could see teams around the league wanting a piece of what the Chiefs are doing. It's unlikely the Chiefs will be keeping three quarterbacks on the roster, which would make these guys likely subject to waivers.

Maybe some team out there will like one of them enough to potentially send something Brett Veach's way as opposed to just hoping they will fall through waivers.