6 Chiefs on the Trade Block Heading Into Training Camp

Which Chiefs players could be on the trade block heading into training camp?
Kansas City Chiefs
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After winning back-to-back Super Bowls, you certainly would expect the Kansas City Chiefs to have a lot of players going out the door and not a lot of retention across the board on the roster. That's typically how the life cycle is in the NFL -- if you get lucky enough to build a championship-caliber team, you still have to reload and reset every handful of years. Certainly as you begin to pay guys big-money contracts.

But the Kansas City Chiefs are an intriguing blend of new faces and a lot more familiar ones than you would expect. It's part of the reason why this team has been able to keep its "dynasty" card. Despite some bigger losses, the Chiefs have really kept their core intact and, as a result, they have a lot more 53-man roster players than their roster can reasonably hold.

So some trades could be on the horizon...

Let's look at a few potential trade candidates for GM Brett Veach and head coach Andy Reid.

1. Kadarius Toney, WR

Could Kadarius Toney actually be traded? Well, maybe. The Chiefs might have a harder time finding a trade partner to take Toney off their hands than the Giants did when they initially traded Toney to Kansas City a couple of years ago. The former first-round pick is entering a contract year in 2024, and the Chiefs have not even gotten 250 yards from scrimmage out of him in a single regular season.

Toney played a significant role for the Chiefs in the 2022 playoffs, but that's been about it. Despite a lot of moving parts at this position, Kansas City has not been able to rely on him.

Again, it doesn't bode super well for his trade value, but you never know with former first-round picks. General managers and coaches around the league all believe they can get the best out of guys, although it's possible that if teams see that Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes couldn't get more than 250 yards from scrimmage out of this guy, what hope do they have?

Speed will always entice.