6 Chiefs on the Chopping Block After 2024 Minicamp

Which Kansas City Chiefs players are on the chopping block after 2024 minicamp?
Kansas City Chiefs
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6. Cornell Powell, wide receiver

It's tough to be super critical of the way the Chiefs have built their roster in recent years, largely because -- how do you critique the team that's won back-to-back Super Bowls?

If there's one gripe I would have, it's that the Chiefs have not done the best job at identifying talent at the receiver position. They have made some crash-and-burn picks (and signings and trades) and have been able to overcome them (rather easily). One pick that has really not worked out as hoped or planned is the selection of Cornell Powell.

Powell was a 5th-round selection back in the 2021 NFL Draft out of Clemson, and although it's not the biggest deal that a 5th-round pick hasn't worked out, it's a little shocking that Powell is still around at this stage. He's been with the Chiefs for a handful of years and has only been active for a total of three games, all of which came in 2022.

It wouldn't be out of bounds to say that the Chiefs really value Powell as a practice player, but it seems like that's all he is for them at this point. There might legitimately be nine or 10 guys on the depth chart that offer more value than Powell right now, and even though there are issues going on with Rashee Rice, the Chiefs have enough depth elsewhere that it would take a monstrous preseason for Powell to stick around this coming season.

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