6 Chiefs on the Chopping Block After 2024 Minicamp

Which Kansas City Chiefs players are on the chopping block after 2024 minicamp?
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4. Isaiah Buggs, defensive line

While some of the players on this list are here because they could be in tough competition at certain position groups, Isaiah Buggs is a different story altogether. The Kansas City Chiefs have to be weighing whether or not Buggs is going to be worth keeping around with some off-filed issues lingering right now.

Buggs is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges (as of May 30) in a situation in which multiple dogs were found on his rented property. The dogs were abandoned, malnourished, and one needed to be euthanized. Buggs and his representation have denied that the dogs are even his, and he wasn't aware they were at his property.

On the football side of things, Buggs is a 27-year-old defensive lineman who is a former 6th-round draft pick out of Alabama. He has played for the Steelers and Lions in his career and had a really solid 10 QB hits with the Detroit Lions as recently as 2022. His production dipped in 2023 and the Chiefs added him back in January.

There's no doubt that Buggs can play, and perhaps even provide the Chiefs with an asset along the defensive line, but is there too much of a headache off the field along with bad PR for the reigning Super Bowl champions to keep him around?

The Chiefs brought most of the band back together on their defensive front this offseason. Buggs might have faced a difficult path to the 53-man roster anyway, but missing valuable time in the offseason for this kind of situation absolutely has him on the chopping block.