5 Former Chiefs Still Unemployed as OTAs Arrive

Mecole Hardman had 57 yards and a TD in the Super Bowl win over the 49ers
Mecole Hardman had 57 yards and a TD in the Super Bowl win over the 49ers / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Blaine Gabbert - QB

Blaine Gabbert became a Super Bowl champion in his only season with the Chiefs, though his days in Kansas City are over after the team added Carson Wentz this offseason. The 2011 first-round pick out of Missouri has played for six teams and will likely catch on somewhere as an experienced backup over the next couple of months.

He appeared in only two games for the Chiefs, completing 18 of 35 passes for 185 yards and three interceptions. Gabbert started in Week 18 against the Chargers, leading the Chiefs to a 13-12 victory thanks to 46 rushing yards.

His best days are obviously behind him, and no team wants to start Gabbert in normal circumstances. He's a 12th-year veteran with a ring though, so I think he'll find work before the season gets underway.

You could do a lot worse than having Gabbert as your second or third-string QB. He's got years of experience in a variety of schemes. If I'm a team with a young QB, like the Colts, I'd consider bringing Gabbert on board to help develop my signal caller.

Gabbert didn't have the longevity or highlights with the Chiefs that a guy like Chad Henne did, but served a valuable role nonetheless.