3 Underrated Chiefs Stepping Into Huge Roles in 2024

Leo Chenal had six tackles and a sack in the Super Bowl win over the 49ers
Leo Chenal had six tackles and a sack in the Super Bowl win over the 49ers / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Jaylen Watson - CB

The L'Jarius Sneed trade is an interesting pivot point for the coaching staff. Sneed acted primarily as a shadow corner last year, allowing Trent McDuffie to roam and force five fumbles, earning First-Team All-Pro honors in the process.

Does McDuffie take over that true No. 1 role or does something like Jaylen Watson step up instead to let McDuffie keep roaming? Joshua Williams will be a major factor as well and could theoretically be the No. 2, though I give Watson the advantage.

Watson played over 40% of defensive snaps compared to just under 30% for Williams, so Watson seems to have overtaken Williams despite being a seventh-round pick. He had 33 tackles last year while adding two sacks, showcasing some of that versatility Steve Spagnuolo loves.

The physicality Watson plays with reminds me of Sneed. He allowed just a 56.3% completion percentage when targeted last year, and his emergence could ultimately determine how high this defense's ceiling is.

Replacing a player of Sneed's caliber is difficult and not a one-man job. Watson may be the most obvious contributor but isn't the only man responsible. That being said, I foresee a lot more Watson jerseys in the stands once this upcoming season concludes.