3 Chiefs Who Need More Playing Time to Crush Broncos in Week 8

These three players are more than deserving of extended playing time
Charles Omenihu should be in for another huge day against the Broncos
Charles Omenihu should be in for another huge day against the Broncos / Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mecole Hardman

The Chiefs' largest problem against the Broncos was an extension of the offensive issues they've had so far: red zone efficiency.

Kansas City scored just one TD in five red zone trips. They kicked a field goal in two more, Mahomes threw an interception and then we had the ill-fated fake field goal resulting in a turnover on downs. After ranking among the league's best in red zone TD efficiency throughout Mahomes' career, this was obviously a problem.

Well, Hardman's biggest contributions to the offense come in the red zone. Kansas City scored three TDs in four trips and kicked a field goal in another against the Chargers. Hardman himself even had a critical third-down catch in the red zone to help score the clinching TD.

That play was a microcosm of the impact he has when the field shrinks.

He scored 18 touchdowns with the Chiefs over four seasons (adding another two on returns) and was obviously a trusted target for Mahomes. Hardman played only 16% of snaps but made a massive impact on the game.

Since he makes a clear impact in the area that the Chiefs struggled most in the Week 6 Broncos game, I'm hoping we see more snaps from the reliable red zone threat.

Finally, there's a defensive player making his debut in this rivalry that should SMOTHER Russell Wilson.