3 Chiefs on Thin Ice Following Disturbing Loss to Packers in Week 13

Find out what Chiefs need big games this week

The Chiefs mustered just 19 points in Sunday Night's loss to Green Bay
The Chiefs mustered just 19 points in Sunday Night's loss to Green Bay / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Matt Nagy - OC

Alright, I officially have questions about Matt Nagy as offensive coordinator for this team.

Something is obviously wrong, and the only major personnel change was swapping out JuJu Smith-Schuster for Rashee Rice. Travis Kelce is notably less explosive and the offensive line isn't performing as well, but there are legitimate concerns with the design of the offense as well.

Andy Reid is the man in charge, but after he orchestrated two Super Bowl runs, he's untouchable. Nagy, on the other hand, is in his first season as offensive coordinator. Perhaps he deserves little to no blame, but that won't stop fair questions from being asked.

That being said, we're still just one game removed from a 31-point performance and the Chiefs did score on their first four drives against the Packers.

We need to be better in the red zone, but there's still the semblance of a good offense with this core.

It'll be on Reid and Nagy to find the solutions with the current personnel and start punching in TDs once we've reached the opposing 20-yard line.

There's one player on defense that's also on thin ice, similarly potentially through no fault of his own.