Kansas City Chiefs: What Josh Gordon signing means for the Chiefs

Josh Gordon #10 isn't someone who the KC Chiefs would need to sign (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Josh Gordon #10 isn't someone who the KC Chiefs would need to sign (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs went out and got a new wide receiver for their practice squad: Josh Gordon.

The Kansas City Chiefs shocked the football world Monday afternoon when they elected to sign newly reinstated NFL wide receiver Josh Gordon to their practice squad.

While there’s going to be some overreactions, some shoulder shrugging, and a little bit of frowning, the move for Josh Gordon is a big one for many reasons and it certainly isn’t one that should be brushed off by fans of other teams or fans of the Kansas City Chiefs for that matter.

The fact the Chiefs felt the need to go out and sign Gordon the day after they fell to 1-2 to start the season is pretty telling in many aspects. That being said, let’s break down the Josh Gordon signing and all that it means for the Chiefs moving forward.

What Josh Gordon move means for the Kansas City Chiefs

I have no doubt that after the clock hit zero against the Los Angeles Chargers this past Sunday, Brett Veach immediately developed an interested in Gordon, assuming that interest didn’t already exist.

Reason being, the Kansas City Chiefs were lacking a consistent and dangerous receiving threat outside of Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill. With two crucial drops from Byron Pringle, another from Marcus Kemp which resulted in an interception, and another day of Demarcus Robinson running backwards, it was clear the team needed some help.

Kansas City Chiefs fans have questioned if this team’s current group of receivers were ready to step up following the departure of Sammy Watkins. Heading into the year, many doubted this groups ability. While the Chiefs’ other pass catching options may have a good play here or there, none of them scare defenses enough in man coverage to justify standing PAT any further.

You would be lying to yourself if you said you wouldn’t take 75% of prime Josh Gordon (which should be a realistic expectation for who Gordon is now) over any of those receivers.

I also believe the signing of Gordon is the nail in the coffin for how the team feels about Mecole Hardman ever being a No. 2 receiver. Heck, he didn’t even have a touch against the Chargers that wasn’t a manufactured touch or a handoff.

Kansas City Chiefs fans shouldn’t expect Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon to walk into the building and contribute immediately to this Chiefs team, that is unrealistic and unfair. But Gordon has been productive at just about every stop he’s made in the NFL. He just never accumulated the numbers because he kept getting suspended.

Gordon is the big receiver the Chiefs needed. At 6’3″, 235 pounds, he’s a big target that can take advantage of one on one situations and he’s one of the most physically gifted receivers to ever play in the NFL despite his off-field troubles.

Gordon may be 30 years old now, but he still should have plenty of lot of tread on the tires because of the fact he’s been suspended so much from the league. I understand people look at that age and think “Oh, he’s older now,” but consider Travis Kelce for a moment. He’s 31 and look what he’s doing.

Gordon is still in his athletic prime and has a set of relatively fresh legs.

Of course, the main concern is going to be if he can stay out of trouble. I don’t know the answer to that, but there’s reason to be optimistic. If there was ever a locker room situation that is most ideal, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

The reasons really go without saying.

Overall, Gordon may or may not work out, but you have to give credit to Veach for at least taking a swing here. It was time to stop pumping up Hardman, Pringle, and Robinson fighting for WR2 and luckily Veach saw what we all saw on Sunday.

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