Alex Smith with the Broncos would be awkward for KC Chiefs fans

Former KC Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is still a free agent and the latest team he’s been linked to is one that Chiefs fans hate. 

After a comeback season for the ages, former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is a free agent and looking for a new home for the 2021 season. The Washington Football Team released Smith after his miraculous season allowing the soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback to sign with a new team.

One team that Smith has been linked to is the Denver Broncos and this is something Chiefs fans would rather not see happen.

John Clayton, formerly of ESPN, wrote an article about how Denver could be the best landing spot for Smith.

He’s also considered one of the best teammates to be in the quarterback room with. In San Francisco, he helped teach Colin Kaepernick the ins and outs of being an NFL quarterback. He did the same thing in Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes. He would be a very good teacher for Lock.

Chiefs fans obviously want the best for Smith after everything he did for this team, but it’d be difficult to root for him if he was wearing a Broncos jersey. Not to mention Broncos fans disrespected Smith constantly while he was a Chief and now would be rooting for him. It wouldn’t feel right.

Alex Smith could land with one of the KC Chiefs’ biggest rivals and it’d be tough to see happen.

Obviously Chiefs fans are going to pull for Smith no matter where he goes, but it’d be much easier to actively root for him if he signed with someone outside of the AFC West.

Smith might be older and coming off a major injury, but he showed last year that he still has what it takes to win games. As Clayton said in the blurb above, Smith has mentored two different quarterbacks during his time in the NFL and the Broncos would utilize him in that role, allowing him to mentor Drew Lock, who hasn’t impressed to this point.

The Broncos are also in a position where they could move up in the draft and get a quarterback that way. They hold the No. 9 pick as of now and with four quarterbacks being mocked in the top five frequently, the Broncos might have to move up and try to land one of those guys.

If they decide to stick with Lock for another year, however, signing Smith as a mentor could make sense for them. Chiefs fans certainly hope this doesn’t happen though, as it’d be awkward seeing Smith in a Broncos uniform and partially having to root for them.

Obviously, Smith should do what’s best for him and if that’s signing with the Broncos, then so be it. Hopefully, he signs with just about any team though (except the Raiders).