KC Chiefs determined to improve defense in 2021 NFL Mock Draft

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KC Chiefs determined to improve defense in 2021 NFL Mock Draft
Michigan State Spartans cornerback Shakur Brown (29) intercepts a pass -Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

KC Chiefs Mock Draft 3.0

Round 5: Pick 176 – Shakur Brown, CB (Michigan State)

Cornerback. Spartans . Shakur Brown. 176. player. 805.

It’s no secret that the Chiefs need cornerbacks and they seem to be a fan of waiting until Day 3 of the draft to find cornerbacks. They get their first of two corners in this mock draft in round five when they take Shakur Brown out of Michigan State.

The main thing that stands out about Brown is that the kid is a ballhawk. He had five interceptions in 2020 with the Spartans and totaled 107 yards on the returns of those interceptions. The Chiefs could certainly use a ball-hawking cornerback in their secondary and Brown would provide that.

That’s the positive angle on Brown. The negative angle is that he only started 12 games in college and did not look great in 2019. If the Chiefs did select him, they’d have to hope they were getting the feisty 2020 version of Brown and not the one who struggled as a sophomore in 2019.

The Chiefs have done well with their Day 3 corners, for what it’s worth, so maybe Brown could be yet another example of that.