Kansas City Chiefs: Pre-free agency big board for 2021 NFL Draft

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Offensive lineman Teven Jenkins #73 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Offensive lineman Teven Jenkins #73 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images) /

First Round Targets

1. Teven Jenkins, OT (Oklahoma State)

Teven Jenkins is a guy that a lot of analysts want to write off as a guard at the pro level because of his length. He is a big man, but many still have concerns about his arm length.

This really shouldn’t be too concerning for the Chiefs, however, because he either develops into a starting tackle or he will be an excellent interior lineman. He is a strong, physical, physical tackle who plays a little nasty. He loves to finish the job by driving his man into the ground and the Chiefs should love him as a prospect and turn in his name at 31 if available.

2. Jalen Mayfield, OT (Michigan)

While Jenkins excels in size and power, Jalen Mayfield makes his money with his athleticism. He moves well which helps him to mirror pass rushers and can move if needed to get out in space (which KC loves to do with the screen game).

Many are concerned with Mayfield’s lack of experience. He struggled early as a starter but has steadily improved since leading up to this season just to have it cut short. He played in two games this year but was able to show his continued upward trajectory. He only has 15 starts, which is concerning to some, but that should be offset by how green he is. He is still growing and improving and could develop into an elite tackle in the NFL.

3. Landon Dickerson, OL (Alabama)

There are not many who would dispute that Landon Dickerson is a top 15 talent if it weren’t for his injury concerns. However, since the injury concerns are not going away, the only question that remains is — How far do teams let him slide before they have to take him? Pick No. 31? Mid-second round? Pick No. 63?

Dickerson really is hard to predict and maybe even harder with medicals in this crazy offseason, but if the Chiefs can get comfortable with the medicals (big if), they have to take him at 31 because he’s almost certainly going to be the best talent available.

4. Jaelan Phillips, EDGE (Miami)

Sticking with the injury bug here, Jaelan Phillips may have even more injury concerns but also might be a top-five talent in this draft. Phillips struggled with injuries while at UCLA, the most concerning being a retirement from football due to concussions.

Phillips did return to play this season for Miami, however, and we finally got some glimpses of why he was a former five-star, top overall recruit coming out of high school. Similar to Dickerson, if the Chiefs can get comfortable with the medicals and Phillips falls to 31, the Chiefs could get the steal of the draft before round one is even over.

5.) Rashod Bateman, WR (Minnesota)

Rashod Bateman has long been one of my favorite players in this draft dating back to the previous college football season. He had been getting some flak lately for being a mediocre athlete and had been falling deep into the second round of mocks, but his recent 4.39 laser timed 40 has shot him back up into the top 20 range.

Just as many fans are skeptical of the 40 times, though, so will NFL GMs. Bateman probably still has a good shot at being there at 31 for the Chiefs if they want to go receiver. Despite critics often using the “he’s not special at any one thing” nitpick, he truly is an excellent route runner with great hands and is the most NFL-ready receiver after the big three.