KC Chiefs: Potential quarterback prospects to look at in 2021 NFL Draft

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Kellen Mond #11 of the Texas A&M Aggies (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The KC Chiefs may use the 2021 NFL Draft to find a new backup signal-caller.

The Kansas City Chiefs are as set as any team in the league at the quarterback position with Patrick Mahomes in place for a decade to come. However, the Chiefs are approaching the point of, instead of savvy veterans holding down the backup spot, young rookies on low-cost deals helping to keep the salary cap figure down to allow for money to be spent elsewhere.

Currently, the Chiefs are likely to hold eight draft picks and may pick up a ninth if Eric Bienemy is hired as a head coach this offseason. With that in mind, the Chiefs may look to use a middle to late-round draft pick on a quarterback to back up Mahomes and possibly in a few years be traded off to a team looking for competition at the position.

It’s important to remember that no quarterback is going to have uncanny accuracy and decision making with a howitzer for an arm and the intelligence of a genius operating and conducting a symphony. The greats hear music and dance to a beat we mortals don’t know exists.

The best example of this method is the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots. The Packers drafted and traded off Mark Brunell and Aaron Brooks for draft picks while the Patriots spun off Matt Cassell, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy Garoppolo and benefitted as well. Do the Chiefs begin the process of following that model?

KC Chiefs Quarterback Prospects – Kellen Mond (Texas A&M)

Perhaps the best-known name on the list, Kellen Mond has played in 45 games during his career in College Station for the Aggies. With good size and good velocity on his short and intermediate routes along with a sprinkling of athleticism, Mond has traits that would allow the Chiefs to continue a majority of their offense should Mahomes miss time.

It can be difficult at times to evaluate a quarterback like Mond as a Chiefs fan, as while he can do many things well, he’s not Mahomes, and the fact that he isn’t, he gets knocked for that. Mond can appear to stare down receivers, and often put the ball into spots you simply would rather not have it thrown to.

He can make throws when in rhythm, especially when the first read is open. However, when that throw isn’t there, things can break down. Texas A&M used a lot of quick passes and check-downs to move the ball down the field. Does Mond throw the deep ball at all?

I’m intrigued by Mond but think he comes off the board far earlier than the Chiefs would be comfortable using a draft pick on a quarterback. In comparison to a Chief, Mond strikes me, athletically, as a lesser version of Alex Smith but with a more aggressive mentality with the football.

For a backup quarterback, those are good traits. He probably comes off the board too early, perhaps as early as the late second round, maybe early third. However, if he’s there in the fourth, he could present value and might be hard to pass on.

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