KC Chiefs beat Chargers in overtime despite playing terribly early on

Kicker Harrison Butker #7 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Kicker Harrison Butker #7 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The KC Chiefs were not playing well against the Chargers and somehow forced the game into overtime where they won it in the final minutes. Holy bleep.

For 3 quarters, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t look like the Super Bowl champions we fell in love with last year. In particular, Patrick Mahomes had a terrible game, but wasn’t helped out by his offensive line at all. The Chargers defensive line wrecked him for the majority of the game.

Mahomes played arguably the worst game of his career (at least during the first 3 quarters), but somehow, the Chiefs were able to force things into overtime, which no one thought would be possible after watching the first 3 quarters unfold.

The game started off in shocking fashion, as rookie Justin Herbert got the start over Tyrod Taylor, who had a pre-game injury that prevented him from starting. The rookie quarterback played well, but it’s worth noting that the Chiefs defense had a LOT of injuries that led to them looking like the 2018 defense. They also had game planned for Taylor, so they needed time to adjust to what Herbert was doing.

The offense looked anemic for the first 3 quarters, but when it mattered most, Mahomes and company stepped it up and tied things up in the fourth quarter on a beauty of a throw to Tyreek Hill. The two-point conversion tied things up at 17 points a piece.

After the Chargers ate up 10 minutes of clock time and had to settle for a field goal, the Chiefs had a chance to win the game, but some horrible penalties in the red zone forced the champs to settle for 3. Into overtime we went.

When the Chargers got the ball first, a lot of fans were a bit worried due to how poorly they had played for most of the day, but they managed to get a 3 and out and gave their offense a chance to win the game. I was surprised the Chargers didn’t go for it on fourth and short honestly, but their defense is good and they rolled the dice there, hoping they could stop the Chiefs.

The Chiefs had a promising drive and fearlessly went for it on fourth and 1, converting and continuing the drive. Another fourth down situation occurred, but the Chiefs were in field goal range and despite some setbacks, Harrison Butker banged it through for his second 58 yard field goal of the afternoon. Clutch.

This is one of the most impressive Chiefs victories I’ve seen because man they looked REALLY bad through the first 3 quarters, but forced things into overtime and Mahomes continues to be undefeated in September.

What a win.

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