Royals Rumors: Trevor Rosenthal traded to the Padres

Trevor Rosenthal #40 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Trevor Rosenthal #40 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Royals rumors season is here and Trevor Rosenthal is the next member of the Kansas City Royals to be heading elsewhere.

The biggest name on the trade block for the Kansas City Royals is officially heading to a different team, as the Royals pulled the trade trigger and are sending Trevor Rosenthal to the San Diego Padres.

Rosenthal had been dominant for the Royals this year, notching seven saves and pitching 13.2 innings and has a 3.29 ERA. Rosenthal was hit hard in his final appearance for the Royals, surrendering three runs in 1.1 innings, but before that, his ERA was under one.

It makes sense for the team to trade Rosenthal, as he’s only under contract for this year and teams are obviously going to be interested in his services.

We’re not sure what the Royals are getting in return yet, but this deal should merit them at least a prospect or two who can hopefully help them contend. The Royals could use a bat more than anything, as they’re pretty loaded with young pitching prospects and the Padres’ farm system is pretty stacked throughout.

The last time the Royals made a big trade with the Padres didn’t go well, but that was several years ago and the team has nothing to lose by making this trade. Dayton Moore obviously decided the team has a tough battle ahead of them as far as making the playoffs go, so this made sense.

Just because Rosenthal has been traded, however, doesn’t mean the team needs to ship off everyone else, especially those who are under contract past this season. If any team would like to take Ian Kennedy off of the Royals’ hands, please be our guest.

Jeff Passan did say the Royals would receive two prospects in exchange for Rosenthal, which is good to know. Hopefully these two do great things for the boys in blue.

Best of luck to Trevor Rosenthal as he tries to help the Padres contend for the first time in awhile!