KC Chiefs: Best 2019 single game performance for each position player

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Wide receiver Byron Pringle #13 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

With the win in Super Bowl LIV, 2019 officially goes down as one of the best seasons in KC Chiefs history. On their way to a championship, the offense put up gaudy numbers, so let’s look at every player’s best performance in 2019.

From the week one offensive clinic the Kansas City Chiefs put on in Jacksonville to their three touchdowns in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, the 2019 season was quite a show for Chiefs Kingdom. As such, I’ve gone through all 19 games of the season and come up with each offensive playmaker’s best performance.

We’ll start with some of the lesser known names and work our way up to the big time stars.



The KC Chiefs drafted Darwin Thompson in the sixth round in the 2019 NFL Draft and he was instantly anointed the next big thing in Kansas City by a large majority of Chiefs Kingdom. Thompson looked like a guy capable of making big plays on the ground and through the air during his lone year at Utah State, but he didn’t end up being the big time playmaker that Chiefs fans were hoping for, but he was only a rookie this past year.

For Thompson’s best performance, I went with week 13 where he rushed for 44 yards off of 11 carries and his first career touchdown. While most of the other players on this list will have a runner-up for their best performance, there wasn’t another game that really stood out for Thompson.

Thompson finished his rookie season with just 128 rushing yards and a touchdown and without that game against the Raiders, he’d have had just 84 yards and zero touchdowns. That’s why his week 13 performance stands out as his best of the year.



Like Thompson, Byron Pringle had just one awesome performance throughout the season, but boy was it an electric one! In the Chiefs’ week five loss to the Colts, the team was still without Tyreek Hill and it became a trend for a different receiver to have a big game each week. In week five, it was Byron Pringle’s turn.

Pringle caught six passes for 103 yards and found the end zone once for his first NFL touchdown. After not seeing the field in the 2018 season, Pringle made a temporary name for himself against the Colts, but sadly it was in a losing effort.

I’m not sure how other fans felt, but I had high hopes for Pringle after he went off in week five and he wouldn’t come close to replicating that success. He did next to nothing throughout the rest of the season and finished the year with just 170 yards and a touchdown; Take that week five performance away and he’d have had 73 yards.

In week five, however, Byron Pringle was the best offensive playmaker on the field not named Patrick Mahomes.

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