Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce steals show at Super Bowl rally

No one was surprised to see Travis Kelce be the star of the show at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl pep rally. He’s been highly entertaining since he joined the team in 2013.

From day one, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been the guy in town. From his talent level to his sense of humor to his fashion choices to his dating show (I still can’t believe I watched that), Kelce has been making headlines since he joined the organization back in 2013.

When it came time for someone to be the Jonny Gomes of the Chiefs Super Bowl rally, no one had any doubt who that guy would be; It was always Kelce’s job to lose. He’s the most energetic guy on the team and we all know he’s always down to get in front of the mic and represent the team.

Two years prior, Kelce’s older brother Jason stole the show at the rally when the Philadelphia Eagles were celebrating their championship. We all know how competitive brothers can be and Travis most definitely matched the level of excitement that his brother had two years ago.

The Chiefs tight end rocked a wrestling belt and wore a jacket worth over $18,000 that ended the afternoon doused in beer. He was dressed for the occasion and everyone knew his moment on the stage was going to match Gomes’ speech from a few years ago.

Kelce started his speech with the whole “Fight for your right to party” bit that he started when the Chiefs beat the Titans to advance to the Super Bowl. From there, he started talking about Andy Reid‘s two decade climb to the top.

The best part throughout all of this was that Kelce was clearly inebriated and his voice was going in and out throughout his speech. Where I started laughing hysterically was when Kelce was discussing all of the times the Chiefs had been trailing throughout the postseason and when he got to the Super Bowl deficit, he kept making fart sounds. So good.

One of the underrated lines of the speech was when Kelce was thanking his teammates and when he got to Frank Clark, he said “FIVE FIVE WHO WASN’T OFF SIDES, FRANK CLARK!” and that had me laughing pretty hard.

No one is surprised whatsoever that Travis Kelce rose to the occasion because he was made for this moment. He’s been waiting to give a speech like this since he entered the league in 2013 and he finally got the chance to talk to the Kingdom. It was most definitely worth it.

It’d be cool to keep winning Super Bowls so that we can continue hearing epic speeches from Travis Kelce, who none of us will ever get tired of hearing from.


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