Kansas City Chiefs will play Houston Texans in AFC Divisional Round

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs had this weekend off, but they were eagerly watching both AFC Wild Card games to see who they’d be playing next week. It’ll be the Houston Texans coming to town.

What an incredible day of games! First, we saw the Texans come back down 13-0 and eventual beat the Bills in overtime. Later, the end of a dynasty came, as the Patriots lost to the Titans in a nail biter. Kansas City Chiefs fans were loving both games, but the second one was definitely the one that brought us more joy because it’s fun watching the Patriots lose.

Had the Patriots won, they’d be coming to Kansas City next weekend, but thanks to the Titans taking down the Pats, the Chiefs will host the Texans. Tennessee will go on the road to Baltimore.

While I’ve seen Chiefs fans clamoring that they wanted to be the one to end the dynasty, no one should ever want to play Bill Belichick in the playoffs and fortunately now KC won’t have to. They’ll get a rematch with one of the four teams who beat them in 2019 in the Houston Texans.

Houston looked bad in the first half of their Wild Card game, but turned on the jets in the second half putting up 19 unanswered points against Buffalo. The Chiefs are a very different team from the week six team that lost to Houston. Their defense has improved since then and should be able to limit the Texans from making big plays, something they couldn’t do earlier in the season.

We started to see things going downhill for New England this year with their lack of offense and just inconsistent play. Had it not been for a super easy schedule to start the year, they might not have even won their division, as the Bills were right on their heels all season long (but also had an easy schedule).

That being said, I wanted no part of playing New England next weekend and would prefer having the Texans, who are as inconsistent a team as anyone. The Broncos – yes, the Broncos – blew out Houston a few weeks ago, so that should give Chiefs fans confidence heading into this one.

It was a fun Saturday of games and while the NFC ones on Sunday don’t affect the Chiefs right now, they could end up being a Super Bowl match-up fo KC.

Bye bye New England!