2018 NFL Mock Draft: Chiefs look to go best available at position of need

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(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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The Kansas City Chiefs are coming into the 2018 draft in the perfect position of being able to take the best player available at positions of need.

A lot of teams say they will draft the best player available, but we all know that is not how it works. When you hear a team say that, what they really mean is they want to draft the best player available at a position of need for them. A good example is if Saquon Barkley fell to the Chiefs at 54th overall, there is no way they’d take him over a top defensive lineman or cornerback who fell.

With KC Kingdoms seventh mock draft of this off-season, I have chosen the Kansas City Chiefs to use the best strategy for any team and that is “best available player at a position of need”. As with our other mock drafts, I’ll be using the Fanspeak “On the Clock” simulator with Fanspeak’s big board. If you have not played with this simulator, I highly recommend it!

What this simulator does is allow you to take your draft ideas and see if they are likely to be where you think. A draft guide may say a player is a third-round pick, but does that mean early third or late third? With the simulator, you can get a good idea of where exactly a player you want will likely end up and what your odds are of drafting that player.

That all being said I was pleased with how well my selections fit. There were solid players available at positions the Chiefs need at nearly every spot in the draft. Here is how the Chiefs picked the best player available at positions of needs with our seventh mock draft.