KU Football “4 Things”: The Kansas Jayhawks vs the Mountaineers of West Virginia

(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images) /

If the last two games are any indication for the Kansas Jayhawks, Saturday’s matchup against the West Virginia Mountaineers will be a lopsided game. Here I will share four things that come to mind while previewing the game.

The lone loss for the Mountaineers this season came week one against the undefeated and very solid-looking Virginia Tech Hokies. The Kansas Jayhawks come into the game suffering two straight losses to MAC teams. Losing 45 – 27 against Central Michigan and 42-30 against Ohio. The quality of football being played by the two teams are polar opposites.

The possibility of the Mountaineers having as many fans as the Jayhawks Saturday morning is a real one. The Jayhawks will be looking for something positive to build from here, as they appear to be more outmatched than a MAC team going against a Big 12 opponent. Let’s take a look at four things that will keep me interested in the matchup.

Thing 1

Will Grier should throw for 500 yards

There is no reason this season should be any different from last season. The Mountaineers tallied over 600 yards last season with a lesser quarterback against the Jayhawks. Will Grier already has 1,027 yards passing over three games. He has also thrown for 11 touchdowns. Those numbers are similar to Peyton Bender’s yardage, the issue is the defense.

The Mountaineer pass defense isn’t outstanding, but it’s decent. You wouldn’t write home to mom about it. The Jayhawks pass Defense is dismal, the kind of atrocity you would send a letter to the governor about.

Look for Grier to make the game of football look easy against the Jayhawk defense. What they’ve allowed so far is concerning, going up against this offense. An offense that happens to be really good at what Kansas has been unable to stop.

Thing 2

Justin Crawford will still be the Big 12’s rushing leader after the game

Almost 350 yards were given up to MAC running backs the last two games. Justin Crawford comes into the weekend the leading rusher in the Big 12 and there isn’t much that Kansas seems able to do in changing that. Crawford has rushed for 326 yards and five touchdowns so far. I’d look for him to match half those numbers against the Jayhawks.

Thing 3

West Virginia will score often

Watch out for Marcus Simms. He has only caught five balls this season, three of those five were for a touchdown. The 6′ tall sophomore has a knack for finding the end zone early in the season, but this could be his breakout game. Bad news for the Jayhawks, who at the moment do not have a single corner that has proven they can cover these receivers.

The offense as a whole will overwhelm the Jayhawks throughout this game. West Virginia should have no problems scoring at least 55. Look for coach Beaty to wave the white flag sometime in the third quarter, and the Mountaineers will ignore it. The first Kansas fan leaves after the opening kickoff.

Thing 4

There will be something positive to write about post game

I understand and look forward to the negative comments which I am certain to read from KU football fans. The fact they are angered by this piece gives me yet another string of hope to hang on to. Without the fans’ support it will be hard to turn things around. The hopes for this season may already be over, Kansas football fans need something to look forward to.

At the worst, I can write about how Kansas basketball is right around the corner.

I suspect Benders will do some good things, he usually does. I am hoping we get to see someone break out for the Jayhawks, we need someone to root for.