Kansas City Chiefs: Behind enemy lines with the New England Patriots

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Tom Brady seems ready to play forever. What keeps him going, and how does it affect the future of the Pats organization?

"Right now, Brady still looks as strong as ever. As much as people want to joke and make fun of his lifestyle choices, I think that’s a huge part of it. Tom isn’t putting anything in his body that he thinks will cause harm or won’t have a benefit. Others have begun to implement some of the TB12 lifestyle changes as well, like Rob Gronkowski, Hopefully, that can help keep Gronk healthy as well."

Tom Brady is a rare case of an NFL player getting better as he ages. The guy just turned 40 years old and has two Super Bowl rings in the last three years. That’s what dreams are made of, my friends.

"In terms of how much longer Tom plays, we have no idea. It definitely creates an internal struggle with the Jimmy Garoppolo situation, but I’d still take TB12 any day of the week. Garoppolo may very well have to be franchise tagged as a backup if we want to keep him in a Patriots uniform. It just makes me think back to how funny it is that people in New England used to think Matt Cassel was the QB of the future."

The Jimmy Garoppolo situation is an interesting one to me. Even despite the trade rumors this offseason, the Patriots kept firm hold of Jimmy G, which indicates to me that they might see Brady hanging it up soon. If that’s the case, is Garoppolo the next man for the job in New England? He already has two rings, so the motivation is certainly there for him.