Kansas City Chiefs Preseason Stock Report: Week 1 Review

Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /
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Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

As the Kansas City Chiefs progress through the preseason, the perceived value of many players on the roster will change. Here’s our first stock report.

While the scoreboard wasn’t what we had hoped for, the Kansas City Chiefs preseason debut was still a successful one. The Chiefs found out quite a bit about their current roster and what kind of team they have for 2017. As a part of that, several players managed to improve their stock with the team, while others dropped.

Yes, teams keep stock in their players. The value of a player is a huge aspect of how a team makes its final roster decisions. If a player can be replaced by a cheaper option, it makes sense to move on. If a guy shows he’s growing into a solid contributor, it makes sense to keep him long term. These decisions are often made in preseason.

Of course this was just one exhibition game for the Chiefs, so no permanent decisions were likely made. However, you can bet the coaching staff will be making some adjustments this week to get certain players more time to show what they can do. After all, that is one of the major purposes of preseason football.

Plenty Of Position Battles

The Kansas City Chiefs have position battles all over the roster right now. Even though we have a pretty good idea of who will make up the starting lineup, there is still plenty to be decided on the depth chart. So of course, that’s where our focus is going to be.

A couple of the major depth chart battles saw real movement in Friday’s contest. The rest of the battles still have plenty that needs to be decided. We will undoubtedly find out much more this week and in the next preseason game. For now though, here is who helped and hurt their stock on Friday night.