Kansas City Chiefs: Tough road ahead for the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

Most Kansas City Chiefs fans are still trying to process the news of general manager John Dorsey getting fired on Thursday afternoon. This isn’t even the first time the KC Chiefs have been apart of shocking news this offseason.

Several weeks ago, the Kansas City Chiefs cut wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Maclin later revealed to Pro Football Talk that he found out he was fired via voicemail by general manager John Dorsey. Dorsey now has joined Maclin in the “fired by the Chiefs” club, as he lost his position with the organization on Thursday afternoon in a huge announcement.

These two decisions have really not been good looks for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs let Maclin go in a shocking decision that now leaves the team with no viable wide receiver options. They’ve now fired John Dorsey with no clear GM in waiting, as Chris Ballard took the GM job with the Colts earlier this offseason.

Something fishy obviously went down in the Chiefs front office, but personally, I feel like these two moves could be the beginning of some bad times for the team.

Teams don’t fire their general manager without a good reason why. They also don’t sign their head coach to an extension and then fire their GM on the same day unless there’s some major problems behind the scenes.

We’re still not entirely sure why the Kansas City Chiefs opted to dump Dorsey, but the consensus around the NFL community is that he was one of the best general managers in the league. If he can be fired from his job, who can’t be?

It’s been a very interesting offseason for the Chiefs and now things are starting to look bad. A team with a 12-4 record a season ago and an AFC West title under their belts has cut both their top wide receiver and general manager in just three weeks time. That’s not something that winning organizations do and this should definitely worry the fan base.

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Perhaps I’m just a pessimistic fan, but after seeing my NFL team kick two big assets to the curb, I feel like I have a right to complain a bit and even worry for the future of this franchise.

Will the Chiefs be successful in 2017? Obviously no one knows that answer right now, but at the moment, it sure seems like all other teams in the NFL are getting better and the KC Chiefs are getting worse.