Kansas City Chiefs: 10 Available Players To Stay Away From

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the NFL Draft, they will also check out some free agents. Here are ten players they should stay away from.

We are closing in on the 2017 NFL Draft, and the Kansas City Chiefs are working on their draft board. It’s a busy time for the team, but it can get a bit dull for fans. That can lead to some idle chatter. In the lull between the start of NFL Free Agency and the NFL Draft, many fans get excited about free agents they shouldn’t want.

This year certainly has its fair share of big names available on the market. Between players who are actually free agents, those who are likely to become so, and those who are being shopped in trade talks, there is no shortage of moves that would appease fans. However, for the most part, these are moves that the Chiefs should be avoiding.

Kansas City has built a strong roster that is talented from top to bottom. Since the arrival of John Dorsey and Andy Reid, the Chiefs have finished no worse than 9-7. Last year’s team came in at 12-4, and there are very few losses from that roster. In fact, the only big loss from last year’s team was Dontari Poe, and the Chiefs have gotten a replacement there.

The Chiefs should stick to what has been working for them and focus on building through the draft. Kansas City has gotten a lot of early contributions from their draft picks over the past few years. While that can’t be counted on to continue, it has provided KC with a strong talent base on the roster. There is no sense in rocking the boat by bringing in big names.