Sporting KC: Top Ten Players To Watch in 2017

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Sporting KC midfielder Graham Zusi
Sporting KC midfielder Graham Zusi. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports /

Sporting KC Top Players To Watch: #3

Graham Zusi – Midfielder/Defender

It’s almost always good to have a recognizable star on your roster, and for Sporting KC it is Graham Zusi. Having that one guy that fans can associate the club with helps foster a strong connection. With the television exposure of being on the USMNT, the wild persona, and matching man bun, Zusi sticks out. He is the guy that fans recognize. Oh, and he’s also really good.

Graham Zusi gives Sporting KC a distinguished edge when he is on the pitch. The national team star is effective as both a defender and a midfielder. That kind of versatility allows Sporting to change their approach on the field without making significant personnel changes. That helps coach Bruce Arena manage his bench more effectively.

Zusi brings some goal scoring capability to the club, as he showed in 2012. Having a defender who can move up the field and be a threat to score helps put opponents on their heels. It’s a tactic that has worked well for Sporting KC. However, the team can also choose to keep him back to help lock things down on the defensive side. Either way, Graham Zusi is an effective asset to have.