Sporting KC: Top Ten Players To Watch in 2017

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Sporting KC.
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Sporting KC Top Players To Watch: #8

Cameron Iwasa – Forward

You can’t build a strong franchise without young talent, and Sporting KC knows it. Sporting made a serious investment in young talent, including Cameron Iwasa of the USL Sacramento Republic FC. Iwasa caught the attention of scouts and pundits by setting SRFC’s record for goals scored in a year with 12. Sporting is hoping he will bring that to the next level.

I won’t claim to have high hopes for Cameron Iwasa, but if he can develop he will help the team rest some key players. Your depth chart becomes important over the course of a season, and that’s where Iwasa is most likely to make his impact. Injuries and exhaustion will derail a championship run pretty quickly if you don’t have depth.

Cameron Iwasa probably won’t become a household name for Sporting KC fans. However, if he can add just a couple of goals, and some quality minutes, he’ll play a major role in getting this team back on top.