UFC Set To Hold Event In Kansas City In April 2017

UFC Kansas City. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports
UFC Kansas City. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports /

MMA fans in Missouri may finally get a long held wish as the UFC appears to have decided to hold its April event in Kansas City.

Mixed Martial Arts remains one of the most popular of the non-traditional sports in America. That is as true in Kansas City as it is in any other major US city. KC has hosted a number of events, primarily through Bellator MMA. However, the pinnacle of the MMA world, the UFC, has yet to visit. That appears set to change as reports indicate the organization intends to hold an event in Kansas City in April of this year.

The event will be hosted at the Sprint Center, though very few details are known at this time. The reporting on this comes from Farzin Vousoughian of Cage Pages on the FanSided network. If true, it will mark a major stepping stone for Kansas City in hosting major pay per view events. Even if the UFC event itself is not PPV, the door will be open simply through the establishing of ties.

With the event still (potentially) months away, it’s impossible to know who would be involved. However, the UFC is known for providing the absolute best in MMA competition. So you can believe that it will be well worth the price of admission.

The real story here, as I mentioned earlier, is that KC is poised to move in on the major PPV event market. Kansas City can often be an overlooked city in the major sporting world despite the presence of three professional sports organizations. That is certainly a major reason as to why the UFC has not made a strong push into the area until now.

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MMA continues to grow in popularity as a sport, and the UFC is far and away the big dog in the yard there. If the organization is truly headed to Kansas City, it is a major score. Hopefully the card will live up to the hype that this is sure to generate.

We will continue to provide you with updates as more information becomes available and confirmed.