Kansas City Chiefs: Major Shakeup Could Come To Front Office

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What Would The Chiefs Do?

Oddly enough, the Kansas City Chiefs may be very well situated for the loss of John Dorsey. No, that isn’t idle fan talk trying to spin a bad situation. Rather, this seems like something the Chiefs may have even been preparing for over the last couple of years. How is that possible? Well, it’s because the Chiefs currently have the hottest GM candidate in the NFL in Chris Ballard.

Over the past three years, the Chiefs Director of Player Personnel has been listed as a top candidate for an NFL GM position. However, he has either declined, or been blocked from, interviewing with the last three teams to approach him. That is a significant indicator that he may have an option already open within the Chiefs organization.

As for John Dorsey, when asked about a contract extension for the Chiefs GM, CEO Clark Hunt seemed to shy away from a direct response. That in itself doesn’t indicate much, but when compared to his answer regarding an extension for Andy Reid, it was very different.

Andy Reid

"“It is not a conversation that we’ve had yet. I would expect at some point we will though.” ~ Clark Hunt"

John Dorsey

"“Well as you know our contracts are not public, but leave it as, I am very satisfied with the job that both John and Andy are doing and hope that both will be part of the organization for a long time.” ~ Clark Hunt"

That was how Clark Hunt responded to questions back in Training Camp. Reading the tea leaves, it would seem that this might be something that has been on the minds of the Chiefs leadership for some time.

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Given how the big picture looks, I would wager that the Chiefs have known for some time that John Dorsey might be going back to Green Bay. It makes all the sense in the world, though it does hurt some. However, it appears that the Kansas City Chiefs have prepared themselves for the loss. If this does come to pass, Chiefs Kingdom should wish Dorsey well in his new venture.